About Me

Hi! I'm Amelia -

owner, operator, designer, writer, social media coordinator, customer care representative, of Childless Millennial Pretzel Co.

CMP Co. began when I wanted to turn my love for the most magical place on earth into an actual hobby. CMP Co. started off as just a blog, a place for you guessed it, Childless Millennials, to come to read about their happy place from a different perspective than a lot of blogs out there. One day I decided to create a Childless Millennial shirt to sell on the blog and loved the whole process so much I turned it into an entire shop.

When I’m not creating new designs, posting on instagram, or answering customer emails, I work as a Data Engineering Consultant at a consulting firm in Chicago, Illinois. And when I’m not doing either of those things, you can probably find me at the most magical place on earth.

My inspiration for many of my designs comes form the fact that most of the time I am in Chicago and not Orlando. I try to create magical apparel that can be worn by anyone at anytime.

I love to hear from you to chat about all things magical, product ideas, and more! Contact me at childlessmillennialpretzelco@gmail.com and follow us on Instagram @childlessmillennialpretzelco.

xoxo, Amelia